Danielle Cartier - Who She Is

Danielle Cartier is a family woman. She has a younger brother a mom and her dad works in the military, She is a resident of Wolfeboro NH for 1 year, and has lived in the GWRSD area for 6 years now. She was born in Manchester NH and lived there until she was 2 years old. Then she moved Vero Beach Florida for about a year, then they moved to Naples Florida for about another year. Next the family moved to Edgewater Maryland for a year, then to Missoula Montana for 2 years and then back to Gainsville Florida for a year, then they moved back to Candia NH for a year and then they moved to Brookfield NH for 5 years and are now currently living in Wolfeboro NH. She has lived all over the country.
Danielle dances 3 days a week at Expressions Dance Academy and also helps teach the young children learning to dance. Danielle is also part of NHS where she helps at Kingswood and Kids, the read program, graduation and many other events. Danielle is also the class secretary in student council and has been it since freshman year. Danielle does many hours serving the community including helping out at the local Cal Ripkan  League in the snack shack all summer and helps at the local church.
Danielle has been on highest honors her entire high school carrier and is in the top 20 of the class also, she is also part of RSVP which strengthens the communication between students and teachers and what they want to change or improve about the school.
Danielle would be the ideal president because she has strong leadership qualities, has good people communication skills and will do anything to make this country live up to its potential.

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