Gay rights:
We support gays’ right to marry. The United States government can not allow discrimination to any group of people, therefore gay marriage should be legalized for the entire country. However, it was unconstitutional to require change in any religion’s doctrine, so there will be no legislation demanding a reform in any religion.

As Pro-Life republicans, we believe there are many alternatives to abortion. Practicing safer sex, adoption and plan-b are all options that should be encouraged if you feel you cannot support a child. There is however controversy on instances of rape. Although adoption is a difficult option it is a possibility and when reported to police, women get plan-b and the psychological relief that her assailant is going to be prosecuted and jailed.

As Immigration is on the rise, we need a stricter border control policy and make sure all immigrants are here legally. It is reasonable however that these immigrants come here illegally because legal pathways are extremely long and could take decades. We want to work towards and easier pathway to legal citizenship and if elected ensure that all immigrants are active, working members of society.

Welfare abuse is a controversial topic. It is difficult to say who is or isn’t abusing systems such as welfare or food stamps but it is evident that abuse is occurring. As Americans we believe in hard work for what we earn, but when other citizens, or even neighbors are in need, we encourage people to lend a helping hand. This “hand” however is meant to help people up, not to pull them along. We need to ensure that people using these systems truly need it and are actively searching for, or have a current job. A reform to the current system is best for bipartisan agreement, and these reforms could include new requirements for applicants on any government assistance program.

Gun control:
American citizens have the second amendment right to bear arms and the government shall not take that away from us. Though in recent news several mentally ill adults and children have gotten ahold of guns and weapons and used them to harm, injure and even kill others, including men and women serving in our police departments. We should do extensive background checks to be sure people are only using guns for self defense or legal hunting/sport. Stricter gun laws will not ensure a safer country, because murders can occur with a host of other weapons and other objects if used to kill. Guns are not the issue; the wrong people with guns are.

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