Danielle Cartier's Presidential Speech 

Good Morning Everyone, I am Danielle Cartier and I am running for President of the United States.

I am the best candidate for the United States President because of my spirit, knowledge, personality, and experience. I have strong leadership qualities, and am active in school and my community because of this. I am about to finish my second year as the Class of 2017’s secretary, I was recently inducted into National Honors Society, and I assistant teach dance classes at Expressions Dance Academy. I have a passion for leadership and the knowledge to lead our country in the right direction. I am a people-oriented person, and I love to be part of a group and listen to everyone’s ideas on how to do something. Besides my experience as a leader, I am also very knowledgeable about our nation’s issues as a whole. I have been to almost every region of the United States, and know how different cultures affect opinions and issues for everyone in our great nation. I am well equipped with the good qualities of a strong leader.

To address our nation’s most pressing concerns, we need a change in leadership. I can provide what we need in a leader. Firstly, abortion is a very controversial topic today. If elected, I promise to pass Pro-Life legislation; because if we want a society that does not deny anyone the right to life, we must start at conception. If life does not start in the womb, then where does it start? There are options that concern the case of rape, such as adoption and contraception. As president, I would encourage new ideas on how to meet the needs of female victims of rape who do not wish to raise their child, as long as it kills no one.

Secondly, gay rights are important in my campaign. National legislation that legalizes gay marriage would be passed by my administration, as long as it doesn’t affect any religion’s doctrine. To continue the separation of church and state, no law shall be passed in any case that interferes with or requires any religion to change their doctrine or practice, including gay marriage. If a church does not already allow gay marriage in the religion, it shall stay that way.

Welfare abuse is also a very controversial topic facing our nation. It is true that there are many people in our country today that cannot meet financial needs for their children and families, and government programs do support them in a positive way. However, it is necessary for reform to be made to the current systems so that they meet the needs of the people who rely on it, but encourage able-bodied people in a rough spot to get back on their feet through work. Also, new requirements should be applied to ensure the integrity of the programs so that no one is abusing it and causing more trouble for taxpayers and receivers.

Gun control is an issue that needs to be addressed in our country. As president, I would protect the second amendment right of our citizens. New regulations on guns will not provide the wanted safety of our citizens; it would increase the danger. Creating the opportunity for a black market of weapons magnifies the possibility of them ending up in the wrong people’s hands. A safer America is a self-defensive America.

Lastly, our immigration system is in need of reform. We need stricter border control and a new, more efficient path to citizenship. These changes would benefit the immigrants coming here legally, and would decrease the time spent on waiting lists for those in certain countries. Reform to our immigration policy would mean a more productive and active population of immigrants in our society.

I am the best candidate for the United States President because of my personality, experience, and eagerness to work with people outside of my party to ensure the best laws for our great nation. Bipartisanship is the best way to accomplish things in the government. Vote for Cartier-McKenna for United States President and Vice President and you won’t be disappointed; remember, “We’re Just Right”.

Alex McKenna's Vice Presidential Speech

Good Afternoon,

I stand before you today, a man, hoping for your approval to help lead this country into the future.  A future that is bright and fertile.  I believe in a future in which we hold fast to our American values our founding fathers laid fourth, while being open and accepting of new ideas.  By putting Cartier, and McKenna in office you’ll be putting people who believe in a free America.  We believe in a nation where the right to marry is extended to all people, regardless of sexuality, and the where right to bear arms is well protected, yet regulated safely.  We believe in a nation that offers freedom to people who want to share in the ideals of America, in terms of immigration, but does not tolerate those who cheat the system, a nation that believes in the sanctity of life, and supports other solutions than abortion.  We care about those who are downtrodden, and believe that everyone deserves a helping hand when they are in need, but only to get them back on track, not to carry them indefinitely.  A vote for Cartier McKenna is a vote for the future of America, one that we must work together to foster and grow.  

Thank You

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